According To Coyote

by Grave Hounds

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Debut E.P., hope you enjoy it!


released January 22, 2014

All music written and performed by Jordan Miller, Jay Baldwin, Kyle Simmons and Josh Hamilton.

Album artwork by Gretchen Baldwin



all rights reserved


Grave Hounds Grand Rapids, Michigan

Guitar/Vocals- Jordan Miller
Guitar- Jay Baldwin
Drums- Joel Belleville
Bass- Kyle Simmons

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Track Name: Greenwood
A mind to read, my thoughts will run. It's hard for me to force a smile. When it comes we all are stunned.

Even though all my friends became the best ones in the end. Even when we're noone, life's not done.

On those rainy days, we we're in love. If only I could separate all that shit I'm dreaming of. If only you knew, if only you knew how to be true you wouldn't be so blue.
Track Name: Malicious Stomp
As tall as a tree, right now I cant see who it is but I know he's been stomping you on the floor. I want it all to be loose fitting and feeling free. Somehow it wont ever give me a release.

Oh, to lay on the boardwalk and slowly talk. The heat will rise and melt your eyes but atleast the sun wont die. I lied. You were a paradise

The scrapes on your knees remind me of that september breeze. The red in your eyes wont tear you up inside. How it's told, a few more years and I'm getting old. So we all try to please the thought of ourselves bent and cold.
Track Name: Loose Cannon
I never thought you were one of a kind. The piercing footsteps on the floorboards, wasting time. What did I say, that made you so sick? Then you mistook my face for his.

No, I don't want it to fade. It's a nasty blue. I look out my window pane. Where are you heading to? Now I see all of your pain. I couldn't ever be with you.

When you're waiting for your endless fall, noone helps at all. I have something to lose. Cmon, lady, get your mind off the noose.
Track Name: Old Lights
Touching the untouched shore. I have no walk to lose some more.

Learning slowly to drift away with ease. Just to close your mind, an open plan without a seam. Haven't found a word that hangs up high. Pleasing you, that pushing feeling. A day to undo.
Track Name: Sunroom
Cut out the thought of losing it all. Took our time but I lost mine. For months now, dont you see, your thoughts arent meant to burn red and smolder to ash. Oh, the closed in wrapped up feeling you get from those times. They are haunting. Sweat it out, you were sure it worked just fine. Long, deep breaths made my pores sting.

Built it up, there it goes. It's in your words, my useless urge to get out.

The wind blew heavy on my face. Outside, I guess it looks okay. We matched every single noise it made. I saved my thoughts for rain.

Blue sky cleared my brain. The death of my old ways, no help, my lucks the same. I'm feeling dizzy. Think hard to stay sane. Why not before? Unfolded my eyes. This trust is not a chore, this trust is not a chore.

Only time has told me lies you caught up fast. I'd hate to see that space go to waste. Think of me this way, homemade grace.